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Gregory Martinez

Gregory Martinez began his ocean adventures as a young man in Sea Bright, New Jersey. The Atlantic Ocean was his playground. When drafted in July, 1970, Greg enlisted into the United States Navy for four years. After boot camp, he attended USN Engineering school, becoming a ship’s engineer, and air conditioning and refrigeration technician.
Greg earned numerous combat awards for his Vietnam service, including a Presidential Unit Citation. Connie: The USS Constellation and the Last 50-Star Union Jack contains much of Greg’s life story, inter-woven with his ship and her spirit beckoning to him. It also became his destiny.
Greg has flown several high-performance aircraft, including two Air Combat USA flights. During his 35-year air conditioning and heating career, he reached the level of Certified Master Technician. He retired in 2011, and still resides in central New Jersey.
Greg’s daughter, Lt. Commander Jacqueline Martinez, is currently in the U.S. Navy Reserves. Greg’s son, Michael, is currently working for the Department of Public Works near his home in New Jersey.