The Birrer Family

Rich, Chris and Danielle Birrer began their hiking and climbing activities at the ages of three and four while exploring their backyard sand pile and the park system of their native Long Island. Through scouting programs they mastered orienteering, camping, climbing, and wilderness survival, eventually achieving the levels of Eagle Scout (Rich and Chris) and Gold Award (Danielle). During the summers of 1988 through 2000, they planned and participated in family outings to the highpoints in each of the fifty states that exposed them to America’s rich geography, history, and diversity. Each is a first-degree black belt in Kyokushinkai karate and has received the bronze, silver, and gold Congressional Medals for community volunteer activity. They are accomplished musicians, competitive athletes in the sports of diving and crew, and proficient in Spanish. Most recently, they successfully climbed Mt.Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.