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Rebekka Cecile Wood Strand

Rebekka Strand is a behavior analyst and has a masters in Complexity and Behavior Analysis from Oslo Metropolitan University. She has published two scientific articles. The first article is about reducing problem behavior in children with autism. The second article is about the basic behavioral principles of racism. Both articles were published in recognizable international journals, Behavioral Interventions and The Psychological Record, and currently read over 1,000 times in their scientific community. She has also co-written the chapter on “Nature, Prevalence, and Characteristics of Challenging Behavior” in the 2021 publishing of the book Functional Assessments for Challenging Behaviors.

Rebekka was born in Oslo, Norway, but lives in San Diego, California, with her husband. With over five years of experience writing scientific articles and doing research, Rebekka decided to work on a more personal piece of writing. Historical writing has always been a keen interest of Rebekka’s, and when she came across the wartime notes of her late grandfather, Cyril Wood, she had to share his story with the world. Rebekka believes that “People only learn from events past, and so, history is our best teacher for the future.”