Natasha’s Ukraine 

Rob Ottesen



ISBN: 9781555718992
Pages: 286


Natasha Dubrova is a young woman, struggling to survive in an impoverished country that may soon be facing war with Russia. Her dream is to find a man she can build a life with, but most men in Ukraine are unwilling to commit, and her attempts to find a meaningful relationship have been fruitless. Her college education is of little use in an economy that is weak and corrupt, and paying the monthly rent is becoming more and more difficult with every passing day. She must focus on her future above all else, but what if this means leaving her family behind, possibly forever?

Natasha’s Ukraine is a novel that spans three continents, and follows Natasha’s journey from her humble roots as a Ukrainian farmgirl to the highest levels of corporate America. Follow her story as she discovers a power, from deep within, that she never knew she possessed.


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