Heroes of WW II: Richard E. Nugent, the 1st Brazilian Fighter Squadron, and 209 Others 

T. Dennis Reece



ISBN: 978-1-55571-955-5
Pages: 414

Richard E. Nugent commanded the XXIX Tactical Air Command as it gave air support to the Ninth Army from the Siegfried Line to within fifty-three miles of Berlin. The 1st Brazilian Fighter Squadron, part of the U.S. 350th Fighter Group in Italy, received the Presidential (formerly Distinguished) Unit Citation. All the other 209 individuals, serving in various land or air units, won at least one award for heroism, ranging from the Distinguished Service Cross to the Soldier’s Medal.

Using official and unofficial sources, these accomplishments, largely forgotten about since 1945, are presented herein for the gratitude and inspiration of future generations.

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