200,000 Heroes 

Leon Weckstein


Italian Partisans and the American OSS in WWII


ISBN: 9781555716981
Pages: 200

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Italy, July 1944. The unendurable insult to Italy’s inherently genial way of life brought about by Hitler’s storm-troopers and Mussolini’s Fascist toadies was both taking its toll on the people of Italy and creating a fledgling underground Resistance movement whose heroic ranks would soon swell to nearly 200,000 brave men and women.

Author Leon Weckstein was there—an American GI in combat fighting with and befriending the Partisans. Here is the story, as told through eye-witness accounts and carefully researched historical archives, of the Italian Partisans and their American OSS allies’ battle to destroy the Nazi-Fascist regime and expel the culprits from their beloved Italy.

“Mr. Weckstein has given an excellent overview of the Partisans fight to win back their country, and has honored their efforts. This book would be a good complement to any history of the Italian campaign.” –Military Writers Society of America

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