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Deborah Ranniger PhD

DR. DEBORAH RANNIGER retired in 2018 with over twenty-five years of leadership experience focusing on nonprofit management and government. She served as the Executive Director of Etta Projects, an international nonprofit, as well as the ED of two community college foundations. As an elected official for the Kent, WA, City Council, she was instrumental in integrating equity and inclusion in the city’s strategic plan, helped to spearhead the replacement of the ailing community pool, and fostered many enhancements to the Park and Human Services system during her twelve-year tenure and chair of that committee. She is a practicing visual artist, grant writer, urban chicken egg farmer and occasional foster dog mom. She attended Cal Arts and the University of Washington graduating with undergraduate degrees in Art, Landscape Architecture and an MA and PhD in Speech Communication, all of which she enjoys using to help make the world a better place.