Rowing Against the Wind 

Angela Madsen



ISBN: 9781555717506
Pages: 206


In September of 1993, at the age of 33, Angela Madsen underwent back surgery for an injury she sustained while on duty in the military. Her goal was to be walking and surfing within one year but the surgery went wrong, leaving her a diagnosed paraplegic. She lost her job, her home and wound up living on the streets of Orange County, California, just steps away from Disneyland.

But through determination and a will to survive, Angela turned her life around and today is a world record holder as the first disabled woman to row 2,500 nautical miles across the Atlantic in an ocean rowboat in 2007. She is one of only nine women in the world who has rowed two different oceans and is the only person, male or female, to have rowed three ocean crossings and completed the circumnavigation of Great Britain in a rowboat. In addition, she is a champion Paralympian, having set a Paralympic record and won a Bronze medal in the shot-put in London in 2012. To date she holds six Guinness World Records for rowing oceans.

Rowing Against the Wind is Angela’s Madsen’s amazing story of injury, loss, perseverance and, ultimately, success.

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