Ben Curry

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Adventures of a British Ex-Pat in Colombia


ISBN: 9781555716752
Pages: 276

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Ben Curry had always dreamed of the adventurous life. As a young boy, and eventually as a young man studying at Cambridge University, he knew there must be a bigger, bolder life waiting for him somewhere. In 1957 he found it. Or, better yet, perhaps it found him.

That summer, a Cambridge-sponsored botanical expedition took him to a remote region of Colombia where he became captivated with its natural beauty and its people. A short time later, he purchased a primitive 500-acre homestead and named the fledgling cattle ranch “Curucucú,” after a local species of songbird. The grand adventure had begun.

Follow Ben, his wife, family and friends on an amazing, often humorous journey into the forests, towns and homes of a Colombia few outsiders have ever seen or written about.

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