Boars, Bazaars and Bugging Out 

Sandra Kelton Pitts


A Memoir of American Families in Iran: 1975-1979

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ISBN: 9781555717339
Pages: 432



Iran, 1975. The Shah is firmly in power and Americans, including members of the U.S military, are living and working in the country. But by September of 1978, when martial law is declared and Iran is soon engulfed in the flames of revolution, everything changes.

This is the amazing story of more than a dozen American Air Force families, transferred to Iran in the course of serving their country—a transfer that literally transforms their lives forever. It is a story of clashing cultures, improbable friendships, and, ultimately, the fear and uncertainty that comes in the midst of social upheaval. Taken from diaries, personal correspondence, official military documents, news reports and memories so vivid and deeply etched that they have not faded with time, Sandra Kelton Pitts and her fellow contributors provide details and colorful descriptions of both their magical and mundane experiences in a country and culture every concerned American needs to better understand.

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