Robert M. Craig

Like many of the authors represented in Red Rivers in a Yellow Field: Memoirs of the Vietnam Era, editor Robert M. Craig’s military career involved a six-year commitment during the Vietnam era including three years active duty. Intrepid was just completing its third deployment to Vietnam when Craig reported aboard to serve as disbursing officer, one of several supply corps positions aboard the carrier. Six months later, Craig was transferred to become Food Service Officer, and among his accomplishments in this area was his remodeling of the ship’s mess decks and lounge spaces for enlisted crew; some of these features of the ship’s interior, have been reinstated by curators of the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum (founded 1982) in New York, who are preserving the carrier and have consulted with Craig in their effort to document “the sailor’s life” aboard ship in the 1960s.

Craig is the author of three books and co-author of three others. Considered a founder of SESAH (the Southeastern Chapter, Society of Architectural Historians), Craig also served on the board of directors of the parent national society (SAH) for fourteen years, ten years as secretary of the society.He has presented more than 160 academic papers throughout the country, lectured at venues from China, Australia, Canada, France, and throughout the United States, and recently served as architecture editor for Oxford University Press’s five-volume Dictionary of American Art.